Conrad & Co.

With the shy sun, the unreliable weather and the altogether unpredictable summer in this country, it’s no wonder Londoners are waiting, hoping and praying for a sunny day. Preferably over the weekend! And what better way of enjoying these rare rays of sunshine than spending such days in the park, at the lake or even in your garden? There’s not much we need really – good weather, good friends, some nice food, couple of beers and a picnic blanket.


Which brings me to the reason I’ve started this post. The Sclater Street Stalls team is thrilled to present Conrad & Co, an East London based textile company specialising in hand woven and hand finished cotton throws. Conrad and Co celebrates traditional craftsmanship. Their soft cotton throws are hand-loomed in the same way they have been for centuries. An unique and authentic product which can be used as a table linen, picnic blanket, beach towel or just a light throw; virtually anything, much like the thneed, for all of you who are familiar with The Lorax, only better.


Conrad and Co. will join us at Sclater Street Stalls on Saturday, 19th July so don’t miss out. Nad meanwhile go ahead and follow them on Twitter.

Written by: Manny Gyumova 


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