Cat Food

Starting my latest post on our newest stall holder, I realise I’ve been writing quite a lot about desserts and sweets lately, but you’ll all agree, a girl has to follow her heart.

And right now my heart is overwhelmed with love for Cat Food, which is the name Catrin Owen has chosen for her cupcake business.


Amongst all desserts out there, cupcakes have got to be my favourite. Why? Because it’s a cake but with the size of a cup! If made properly cupcakes taste and look divinely. Which is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Cat Food’s cupcakes.

I’m not entirely sure what a recipe from Catrin’s cupcake book reads like but I would imagine there’s a generous amount of fairy dust and rainbows involved. What I do know is that Cat puts a lot of heart and personality into her work and this is what makes Cat Food the unique and special brand it is.


And just how unique and special is it?… Well, we’re talking about a lady who loves coffee, comic books and Hello Kitty; learnt how to bake vegan and gluten free because she believes everyone deserves a cupcake and uses a fifty year old mixer inherited by her man’s nana. So, I’d say pretty unique and pretty special.


Cat will be with us at Sclater Street Stalls on Saturday, 19th July. Meanwhile, go ahead and feast your eyes on some of the delicious pictures she’s regularly tweeting.

Written by: Manny Gyumova


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