The Ribman


Sclater Street Stalls’ team is thrilled to introduce a man who needs no introduction. He calls himself The Ribman. We call him the Don of Ribs. We can say a lot about Mark Gevaux, the man behind the brand. We can tell you that he has almost 12 thousand followers on Twitter; that he’s been featured on virtually every UK food related online platform; that he won the honorary Young British Foodie award in 2012. Yes, we can say all that but we’ll keep it simple here and we’ll just quote The Ribman’s own stall banner ‘Best Ribs In London’. And that simply says it all.


The Ribman will be spoiling Sclater Street Stalls’ visitors on Saturday, 19th July, so pop by and try the ribs people travel from across London (and beyond) for.

Written by: Manny Gyumova



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