Daria Nadasan

Daria Image 3

The Sclater Street Stall’s team is thrilled to present emerging artist Daria Nadasan.
Using acrylic paints Daria captures on her canvasses not just sights but feelings and moments, expressing her warm and romantic outlook on life through her work.

Daria Image 1

Although Daria has grown up surrounded by artists, her mum being the most influential and inspiring, she is fairly new to the art world, exhibiting her work for the very first time with none else but yours truly. And we couldn’t be more excited to have her on board.

Daria Image 2

Daria has travelled across Europe, many of the sights she’s seen are captured in her work, but she’s chosen to stay here because this is where she feels most artistically inspired.
So let’s show this young talent the love and support we’re perfectly capable of giving and more importantly, the love and support she fully deserves.
Daria will be selling originals as well as prints and cards at Sclater Street Stalls on Saturday, 19th July, one of the many reasons for you to visit us.

Written by: Manny Gyumova


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