Although my prone to fast growing bottom might disagree, without a doubt, the best part of writing an article on food is the process of forming informed opinion. We all know what that means… I’m all about new experiences and trying new things. And by trying I mean tasting and by things I mean food! Add a spoonful of sugar (whoop whoop Mary Poppins) to the equation and you’ll have the key to my heart.

Speaking of my favourite things in the world, the newest addition to this very exclusive list, and incidentally to the Sclater Street Stalls’ amazing team, is the Shoreditch based patisserie ‘Sucrette’.


The mind, heart, soul and talent behind ‘Sucrette’ is the French-Caribbean goddess of baking (sorry Nigella) – Anaïs Mirval. Anaïs bakes everything from small bites like macarons to tarts and cakes but her specialities are canelés and financiers. For those of you who like me might need to google those two, Anaïs explains that ‘canelés, from the Bordeaux region, are tender custard pastries with a caramelized crust while financiers are bars of crunchiness brought by nuts and moistness brought by browned butter.’ Yummy!!!

You like the sound of it? Wait till you actually taste Sucrette’s specialities. Saturday 19th July at Sclater Street Stalls. You’ll fall in love! Whether you are fussy about your desserts or much like me you just want to stuff your face with delicious pastry, Sucrette definitely will not disappoint.

Raspberry tart_5

All cakes are made with seasonal fruit and always fresh ingredients. Anaïs’s innovative concept brings together street food and gourmet patisserie. The result is a fresh, creamy and fruity fusion of textures that will blow you away.

Don’t forget to like Sucrette’s page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter or go and check out their website:

Written by: Manny Gyumova


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