Yvonne Wayling


Fancy decorated glass bottles might not be news, but Yvonne Wayling puts her own artistic twist on it. Yvonne is the newest addition to our exciting and extremely talented team of artists at Sclater Street Stalls. Her unique technique of spray painting can turn every regular (boring) glass bottle into a work of art. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a regular boozer (such as myself according to my friends), an occasional drinker (such as myself according to my online dating account) or a non-drinker (such as myself according to what I tell my parents), I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Yvonne’s stunning spray painted bottles.


Yvonne’s innovative art can be seen on many different mediums. Using spray paint and stencils she creates unique works, each piece individually painted on mediums as decadent as champagne bottles, tables, skateboards and guitars as well as traditional canvas. Her larger canvas work images are layered to give further and unexpected depth to portraiture and scenes of angels. Ultimately, the works that Yvonne produces strive to be beautiful, unique and exquisite.
Yvonne has exhibited with David Bray, Ben Oakley, Ray Richardson, Rowan Newton, Rugman, Asboluv, Pam Glew, Carne Griffiths, Lost Souls. Yvonne’s work is regularly on show at the Ben Oakley Gallery and also shown in locations such as the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, West Bank Gallery, the Urban Barrier and numerous London pop-ups. Her work is currently on display in Far Rockaway on Curtain Road in London’s Shoreditch.


So, regardless of what your favourite drink is, Champagne, Vodka, Whisky, Gin, Wine… ribena or water, why not have it in your very own, one of a kind bottle. Whether you keep it empty on the shelf, or store your favourite ‘elixir’ in it, Yvonne’s beautifully painted bottles are a unique way of bringing exquisite art into your home… and liquor cabinet.

And if you want something extraordinary for your wall, you can choose from Yvonne’s impressive collection of breathtaking canvases.


Yvonne is only one of the many artists who will be gracing our market on Slater Street with their talent and creativity. So make sure you swing by on 19th July. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow Yvonne on Twitter and like her on Facebook.

written by: Manny Gyumova


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